Champagne Service

Champagne is King, or should we say Queen! The variety of stunning, one of a kind interactive champagne services we have are just divine and will certainly be the talk of the town once experienced by your guests.Perfect for cocktail hour, guest arrivals,receptions,weddings, corporate events, gallery openings, festivals, fundraisers or parties. Any occasion, we have got you covered!

The tradition of drinking champagne to mark celebrations originated in the royal courts of Europe prior to 1789. It was said to have positive effects on women’s beauty and a man’s wit. We don’t doubt that here at Velvet Rope Entertainment as our glamorous Champagne Service Models will show you. Whether it be hanging from the Dazzling Aerial Moon,gliding through the crowd in the Champagne Dress or swinging from our LED Moon, these beauties will sure bring out the beauty in the lavish sparkling wine.

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we came to the conclusion that champagne is such a wonderful drink, so why not think of innovative ways to serve it. So, we did!The following options will surprise your guests and create that ‘WOW’ effect that will surely inspire you to take your event to the next level.

With stylishness and good-taste, our Champagne Dress is the perfect way to start off your event.With enthusiasm, our amazing costumed models create great photo opportunities as they serve champagne directly from their ‘gown.’ Serving up to 60 beverages or dessert shots, this stunning art piece is still a ‘WOW’ factor once her dress is emptied


Creating the perfect atmosphere for any event is our Dazzling Aerial Moon. Watch as the aerial performer elegantly pours champagne to the guests while sitting in the apparatus suspended in the air. Complete with her own, built in champagne shelf she is also able to perform ambience sets in between champagne refills, giving you two elements. Only requiring basic rigging, the Aerial Moon can be set up and packed down quickly with our highly qualified and experienced on-site riggers.

Give your guests an experience they will never forget! The LED Moon is a unique and beautiful way to entertain your guests with champagne service. This extravagant Moon comes complete with LED instillation (so you can customize the colour of the moon to suit your event), a gold glowing champagne bucket, and a beautiful champagne server perched on a swing. This act will leave your guests wanting more!

The “Sky-High Showgirls” stand 6 ft. tall, elegantly poised above your cocktail audience,welcoming your guests at the front entrance of your event or wedding reception. Acting as “human pillars”, these elegant, stationary models are perfect for photo snapshots and an interesting way of serving champagne to the crowd.



Our gorgeous Bubble Greeters are also available as Bubble Champagne Stilt Walkers which are always a huge success!

What a better way to impress your guests than by getting their drinks served to them from lovely ladies on stilts.

Creating a fun, classy vibe,they will be sure to keep your guests happy and enjoying your event to its full potential.

A celebration, no matter the reason,is always an excuse to gather family,friends or work colleagues to entertain them and drink champagne.

So why not do it in style? All of our champagne services will certainly entertain and be sure to bring an artistic twist to serving beverages. All of the above services can be exchanged for other beverages.

Imagine our professionals in the mobile champagne dress gliding smoothly through the crowds taking your guests wines, martini or other beverages.

“The only limit is your imagination”.

Let us create an experience you & your guests will never forget.