Challenging the natural limits of the human body and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, our roving contortion/acrobats bend, twist, and contort their bodies in mind-blowing ways. Contortionism is a form of ultra-flexibility that allows a performer to bend in ways that seem entirely impossible. The incredible skill takes a lifetime of training and discipline and is an incredible spectacle to watch. Our contortionist can rove throughout any event entertaining crowds or become the beautiful centre piece to your event.

Contortionism is the practice of performing and executing various exercises or with incredible flexibility maneuvering and contorting the body in extremely difficult positions. The main characteristic of these positions is to bend the joints in an inverse and way and extend their natural movement to the limit.

It is important to know that contortion should only be performed by highly trained professionals who have spent years of practice and training several hours a day to take their body beyond the normal limits.

The people who can perform these exercises in an innate way are extremely scarce,which makes contortionism a very highly sought after specialty skill. The vast majority of contortionists have acquired this ability thanks to many years of training and dedication, it is said that the best contortionist sare those who have started training from a very early age, since it is known that the human body loses flexibility over the years, therefore childhood is in itself the best time to start to train it.

At present,contortionism is an activity that is still represented with equal or even greater enthusiasm.Many factors affect the flexibility of performers including age,genetics, stature, and adherence to rigorous physical training routines. Most contortionists are generally categorized as “frontbenders” or “backbenders”, depending on the direction in which their spine is most flexible. Relatively few performers are equally adept at both.


  • Front bending skills such as folding forward at the waist with the legs straight, or placing one or both legs behind the neck or shoulders with the knees bent (called a human knot).
  • Back bending skills such as touching one’s head to one’s feet, or all the way to the buttocks (called a head-seat), while standing, lying on the floor,or in a handstand. A Marinelli bend is a backbend while supported only by a grip at the top of a short post that is held in the mouth.
  • Splits and over splits(a split of more than 180 degrees) may be included in frontbending or backbending acts. An oversplit may be performed while the feet are supported by two chairs or by two assistants




Today there is a Guiness Record of permanence inside a cubic methacrylate container (box act) made on German TV by Leslie Tipton,Bonnie Morgan and Daniel Browning;the three together remained 2 min and 35 s inside the cube.

Our Modern Routines are unique in design and style, completely original that captivate and evoke emotions to the public, challenging the natural limits of the human body,our acrobats of contortion deviate in impossible ways.

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we take a lot of pride in our Contortionist and understand that it takes years of dedication to developing the incredible skill of looking effortless while bending the body in impossible ways. We believe our world-class performers deserve to look incredible as well, therefore we work hard to match their astonishing performance with high-end tailored costuming that is designed from scratch.

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