COVID-19 – Booking Information and FAQ

Grider Girl - COVID-19 – Booking Information and FAQ

Do you know what 2020 and Velvet Rope Entertainment have in common?

It’s going VIRAL faster than anyone thought it would!

With the ever-changing Coronavirus situation ongoing we understand that many of you are feeling anxious about your upcoming event, especially those that fall within the lockdown period or might be affected by the ban on gatherings. I’m not here this week to tell you what to do, instead it’s my job to help you all as much as I possibly can and hopefully make you feel a bit better about this uncertain time… because hey, we’re all in this together!

If you’re currently planning to go ahead with your event after this period, please rest assured that us here at Velvet Rope Entertainment are currently doing what we can to minimise the risk of spreading the dreaded Rona! Should any of our performers or musicians show symptoms of Coronavirus, fall ill or need to self-isolate, we do offer stand-in entertainers of the same high standard on call to take their place if you so choose!

In saying that, let’s have a look at some COVID Safe Options that would suit your next celebration:

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What is your COVID SAFE Plan, Velvet Rope?

I’m very glad you asked!! As you all know, we have been able to keep our doors open (so far) through this global pandemic. In doing so we’ve had to make a few changes to our day to day!

1. Everyone of our Velvet Rope Family is to carry hand sanitiser with them to every show!

2. If we’ve been feeling under the weather, sniffly or fatigued we say “better safe  than sorry” and get checked out by our local GP.

3. Glen 20 is life! We carry a can (or 20) of this great disinfectant spray for our Props, Costumes, Instruments and microphones, this includes the mic we can supply for you! Don’t worry, it will be like new when you go to use it at your celebrations!

What if I need to reschedule my event?

If your event falls during the lockdown period we recommend that postponing and rescheduling is the best way forward for all parties involved.

Should you need to reschedule your event, our position at Velvet Rope Entertainment is that we are happy to move your deposit over to a new date.

All our amazing performers have been extremely accommodating under the current circumstances and are more than happy to move to suitable dates for you! For this reason we highly recommend running possible date options past us before confirming your new date, as this will ensure you don’t need to cancel completely.

Life in a Bubble Musical Performers

Adding a touch of elegance and glamour to your ceremony and Canapés, hiring a classical musician is a great decision when it comes to the overall wedding day. We’ve taken this one step further with our new COVID SAFE Bubble Performer

Bubble Time!
Disco Ball Head - COVID-19 – Booking Information and FAQ

Follow the Call of our Disco Ball Performers

Flashy, Disco fanatical and more importantly…. 70’s Era Accurate! Our gorgeous disco performers will take you back to more ‘John Travolta’ heavy time with moves as fresh as that costumes they don! Include our DISCO HEAD and DANCERS with and without Roller skates!

Got Disco Fever?

Off-peak and Mid-week Dates

We pride ourselves on being the Velvet Rope family!  We represent amazing, hardworking self-employed creatives and as you can imagine, we are facing an extremely difficult period financially. For this reason we’ve been working hard with you to find a new date that will work well with you in the future! One of our reoccurring suggestions to secure a date in the future has been placing your event on some of our less busy days – like Wednesday and Thursday! This won’t work for everyone but it’s a handy option to think about if you’re in a pinch!

Can I hold a new date while I finalise plans with my venue and other suppliers?

Absolutely, We’re happy to make a note of the potential new date while you confirm details with your venue and other suppliers.

Should another client show interest in the date you’ll be given the opportunity to confirm the new date! Being transparent through this hard time is the only way to move forward. If you have any concerns it is our job too work with you through them! Remember that we love this job and no request is too hard or “annoying” – You’re our kind of people!

Please note that bookings for new dates aren’t secured until a replacement contract has been signed by both parties!

What if I need to cancel completely?

Our policy on cancellations has been set in stone since time began… but It feels like time has stopped this year and with the amount of people losing their jobs we feel it’s up to us to make a few changes around here!
We have an amazing team of admin staff (myself included :-p) that work really hard to bring your ideas to life! With this in mind: we will work with you to lower the burden of the cost of your canceled event!!

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Is my deposit refundable?

Let me say that again for the people in the back! We will work with you to lower the burden of the cost of your canceled event!!! This is why so many of you party people stick with us, Velvet Rope Entertainment. We treat you like family and will go out of our way to make sure that you feel that way!

What should I do if my event is due to take place in September, October and November?

At this time our current focus is on rescheduling bookings due to take place over the next month or two. As the lockdown easing continues over the coming weeks and months we anticipate that the rules around weddings and events will be relaxed further if everyone does the right thing! We appreciate there is still a degree of uncertainty around guest numbers and social distancing measures that may need to be in place but would encourage you all to await further government announcements before taking steps to reschedule.

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March to a different beat? Check out the LED Drumline!

This show demands attention, so listen up!

Our fully choreographed, interactive performance will get all of your guests up and out of their seats and grooving to the beat!
The precision of a live drumline performance combined with world class laser and lights show, this will absolutely blow your guests away!

Performances are fully customisable and will cater to your next COVID SAFE events theme!

Hit It!
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Unadulterated Live Music, Baby!

Our Partner Company Redtie Entertainment is the fresh face of high-end corporate entertainment based in South East Queensland. Bringing sophisticated glamour with a modern fresh young vibe, Redtie looks after only the very best of Queensland’s top live talent, that will bring your event to life. Have a look at all the amazing Event Options you have to choose from!! From Dj, Duo, Big band to Huge feature show including dancers!
This is the best Queensland has to offer!

Count us in!

Get in touch

If you’re concerned about your event please email Ali at bookings@velvetropeentertainment.com or give us call on 0411 106 398