Four Types of Events that Would Be Ideal For Hiring Fire Twirling Entertainment

fire entertainment - Four Types of Events that Would Be Ideal For Hiring Fire Twirling Entertainment

Most of us grew up being told not to play with fire because it’s dangerous. Most Aussies stick to that advice, but the daredevils among us sometimes defy the odds. Sure, you probably wouldn’t risk juggling sticks that have been set ablaze, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch a flashy performer take on the risk instead? Fire twirling entertainment has been a popular feature of circus entertainment for centuries. In modern times though, they’re not limited to those areas anymore. You can hire performers for virtually any event. But when and where is it appropriate to invite a team like ours to play with fire in front of a crowd? We have a few ideas.

#1 – At Your Company’s Next Year-End Function

It may be a bit late in the game right now to book fire twirling entertainment for your 2019 event, but what have you got planned for 2020? You do know there’s no rule prescribing the same old thing every year, right? Inject some life into the party by adding a flame act to the line-up. It will be a party to remember, for sure.

#2 – At a Circus or Theme Park Themed Birthday Party

A mouthful, yes, but it’s fun-full. Planning a themed birthday celebration requires a commitment to the things that make it authentic. Your guests will be dumbstruck at the sight of actual fire twirlers. You’ll go down in history as a legendary party-thrower. Everybody goes home happy.

#3 – At Your Restaurant for a Special Occasion or as Regular Entertainment

It’s easy for restaurants to fade into the fray, especially if the setting, food, and entertainment are the same as all the nearest competition. The obvious choice for entertainment is music, but if you say “obvious” REALLY slowly, it sounds like “boring”. You get the picture – flip the script.

#4 – At a Vibrant Wedding Celebration

Many people think of weddings as conservative, status quo-fitting ceremonies and, for the most part, they are. However, a wedding is really what you make it. If exciting entertainment is up your alley, then hiring fire twirlers might make more sense than that 80s band. (Or you could hire both!).

There are so many more events that could do with a bit of a sizzling boost. Sometimes a bit of fire twirling entertainment is precisely what you need to kick a party into full swing. We’re here to make it happen. Book our world-class performers for your next event today. We offer corporate entertainers Brisbane to make your event memorable.

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