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Ready To Hula The Hoop?

Well hello, soon-to-be pro-hooper, we’re so pleased you’ve decided to invite us on your journey to becoming a hula hooping legend. Our FREE video tutorial is jam-packed full of value and will have you confidently hula hooping in 3.05 minutes. What are you waiting for, hit that button below, drop in your email, and your free video tutorial will be waiting for you. 

Hell Yes To The Hula

“I feel one step ahead and feel really proud to show off my hooping skills!!”

–  Cherinee –

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We’re all a little hooping mad ‘round here

In our performing days, we travelled the world; performing on stages in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Disney, Universal Studios Hollywood, X-Factor and the Voice. We’ve performed with the likes of Chris Brown, Neyo and Bruno Mars.

In short, we get it. We’ve been the talent, and now we hire the talent. We know how competitive it is out there. Which is why we know just how important it is for you to have a repertoire of skills in your portfolio. Now more than ever.

We want to help with that.


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we’re just a bit, kinda, sorta, famous…you know

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I loved every second of the IGNITE Hooping Course! A big thank you to IGNITE and the incredible instructors that made the classes a prefect balance of fun and hard work. It allowed me to progress really quickly and has opened a world of amazing new opportunities. I’ve also connected with so many awesome people I can now call my friends!

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I am a professional Dancer and Aerialist and have been on the hunt to develop and advance my skills and then I stumbled across IGNITE. I have struggled to put my Hula Hoop down ever since…
My first lesson I couldn’t even body hoop but thanks to this incredible course I am now being represented as a Professional Hula Hoop Artist! I cannot recommend this course enough, amazing trainer and such a beautiful community to be a part of.

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The IGNITE Course opened my eyes and mind to so much more. Hooping is now one of my favourite things to do. I learnt just the right amount of tricks to now feel confident and ready to gig. I feel one step ahead and feel really proud to show off my hooping skills!!