Havana Dancers

Full of rich culture our Havana Dancers will take you straight to the streets of Cuban where the sun is hot, and the music is irresistible. Our gorgeous Havana dancers are a HUGE hit at any event and bring an endless amount of interactive entertainment to your guests. Watch as they rove and mingle with guests or have them perform an iconic Havana routine. Add street rhythmic drummers and horns for the best impact.

If you are throwing a summer or festive event, poolside, beach side or just want to turn up a little more heat! Our Havana themed entertainment well definitely get you feeling hot hot hot!

Close your eyes and you will feel the beat of the Cuban drums, as we transport you to the beautiful shores of Havana.

We offer a wide range of Havana entertainment. From Cuban drummers, Havana dancers, to incredible roving entertainment, bands, and even feature shows.


We add to our elaborate choreography a unique, innovative, original, good taste and haute couture outfit.

We made the outfits from scratch and handcrafted, which guarantees an exclusive design for the event, generating even more the WOW effect in your guests, creating a great unforgettable memory for the public.

What makes the joint work of a good choreography, assembly and appropriate dress so important is the symmetry it generates, which is a great pleasure for the person who is watching the show.

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we use colorful costumes and chords to the occasion that generate great attention to the public and are suitable to entertain and attract the attention of large audiences. Art and entertainment are our passion.

Cuban dance singer Camila Cabello is one of the biggest current representatives of Havana Dance, as she incorporates many classic Salsa Cubana movements in a set of modern steps of Havana Dance in several choreographies of her songs. One of his most popular songs”LA HAVANA”has a choreography based mainly on the modern Havana Dance.











Our modern choreographies of contemporary dance are unique in design, style and rhythm, one hundred percent original, added to our selection of beautiful, professional and gorgeous Havana dancers, are a huge hit. We can guarantee GREAT success and live entertainment, and especially interactive with unlimited possibilities as we bring new ideas and concepts that reach the limit and create a memorable experience for your valuable attendees.

Do you want something that really surprises your guests? Make your event a true success.

You will see how your audience will move with an elegant, symmetrical and perfect appearance!They will never forget your event, as the”WOW”effect we offer is unprecedented!

We focus and strive to make all events the event of the year.










Havana Dance is a contemporary approach to classic Cuban salsa. Adding more elements, steps and dance movements.

Havana is all about fun and colour which makes it extremely entertaining for the audience.

To all this we add incredible costuming.

We can also say that Havana Dance always seeks innovation and sophistication of its movements,seeks to tell a story, convey a feeling or affinity, in a few words, demonstrate what one and more people think and feel.

Havana Dance is pure art in its Maximum splendor and no apparent limits,which can be carried out to express any emotion.

The Havana Dance is all about the striking rhythms from the classic salsa steps to the modern movements of recent times. At Velvet Rope Entertainment we know in order to put on the best possible you need professional well trained dancer and performers who are not only in excellent physical condition but in perfect harmony with their partners





Do you want something that will really surprise your guests and leave them speechless? Make your event a true success?

Velvet Rope Entertainment will do this for you and much, much more. They will manage your event with experience and finesse and always leave you wanting more

Let us create an experience you & your guests will never forget.