An ancient art that is still just as captivating and mesmerising as ever before. Our jugglers have performed in circuses all around the world and will engage your audience with their incredible skill in coordination as they juggle high flying clubs, balls,and rings. Can be customised in a variety of costumes to suit any theme and entertain visitors all day long. Some of our jugglers are also skilled at juggling while walking on stilts or riding unicycles.

We have an amazing variety of event entertainers to suit every occasion and every budget including party entertainers,kids party entertainers, corporate entertainers , gala balls, as well as wedding entertainment

It has been said that there is a childbearing of sand nonbelievers the reason why juggling is so appealing to us all.If you are on the lookout for jugglers to hire,your search is over.We have a growing list of professional jugglers who are  excellent at attracting and entertaining crowds all over the world.

Whether  it’s a bit of fun roving entertainment,incredible specialty circus jugglers on unicycles, or freak show performers juggling knives and chainsaws,we’ve got you covered.Juggling is an ancient art form that is still just as entertaining today. Juggling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment the history of mankind.Originating even back to ancient Egypt more than 4 million years ago.

You’ll be amazed sour jugglers hurl all kind of object high into the air rotating multiple times before catching it just in time. It is considered game,apart form, and even a sport. Although most jugglers use three objects there have been some jugglers who have done more than eleven object at the same time.Modern juggling seeks to be more abstract, adding new objects and structures,it is not only based on throwing objects uniquely, now its integrated with incredible costumes,choreography and humor to highlight the performance even more

.Juggling has evolved over the years from simple games with balls, pines, plates and rings, to big and ornamentally performances with dangerously sharp objects or torches on fire.The most difficult things to juggle are objects that are different shapes and sizes to each other.



Our Modern Routines are unique in design and style, completely original that captivate and evoke emotions to the public. At Velvet Rope Entertainment we know that if you want an incredible performer you need someone that’s not only a professional and well-rehearsed, but also someone who shows up on time engages with the crowd and is easy to get along with. We take a lot of pride in finding incredible performers who are a dream to work with.We bring fresh new ideas and concepts to the ancient art,creating a limitless category of characters your guests are sure to love.

Our jugglers can be adapted to any theme and type of event.We have several costumes,from high end to fun and whimsical characters that will make their performance stand out even more.

Our Talented Jugglers will captivate the audience the moment they walk in.

Rest assured Velvet Rope Entertainment will manage your event with experience. Our extensive entertainment portfolio for events includes global brands and global events.

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At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have everything you are looking for and more!Thanks to our creative experts, highly trained artists, and our high-end couture costuming, our entertainment is exactly what you need to deliver the ‘WOW’ at your next event

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