Male Singers

Male Singers At Velvet Rope Entertainment our world class singers have graced some of the biggest stages around the world.Whether you are after an experienced professional to keep your guest dancing all night for a corporate event or wedding, or looking for something to set the perfect ambiance,we have you covered.

The best singers are the ones that have dedicate their lives to perfecting their vocal chords. From their vocal range, tambour, and pitch, to a wide variety of different genres and styles. Great Male singers can be hard to come by so we pride ourselves on finding world class singer with quality voices.

Our singers are experts in their field and are dedicated to putting on the best show, every single time! They will always be a HUGE Success with your guests as they interact with them, showing off their brilliant talent whilst making a fun and exciting experience. As we bring new, fresh ideas and concepts to the table there is truly infinite possibilities that will surely create memorable moments for your valued customers.


No matter what style you are after we have you covered. We have a wide variety of Jazz, Pop, Country, Classical, Folk and even Musical Theater male singers.

We have a wide range of Male singers from Las Vegas to the West End of London, to the Hit TV shows IDOL, X-factor and The Voice, we pride ourselves on delivering incredible vocalist.

Our Male singers have worked for Universal Studios, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Regent 7 Seas, starred in shows like We Will Rock You, Piano man, Jesus Christ Super Star, RENT, Vegas! The Show, Shout,Burn the Floor, Thriller Live and much much more.



At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have a wide selection of incredible male singers for your musical entertainment.

No matter what the style or genre our singers are very skilled and know how to get the party started or set the mood for a pleasant atmosphere. We have solo singers, duets,trios,and even larger groups.

If you want something that will really surprise your guests and leave them speechless, then make your event a great event by choosing from our selection of incredible male singers.

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have everything you’re looking for and more! Thanks to our creative experts, highly trained artists, and our high-end couture costuming, our entertainment is exactly what you need to deliver the ‘WOW’ at your next event.

Over the years, the way of singing has changed time and time again.The male singer is a very popular type of artist today.There are different types of male voices and are classified into the following:

Countertenors: These are the super high male voices that almost have a femininet ambour. These singers are usually very adapt at singing in falsetto and head voices in a very clear tone.

Tenors: Most famous classical tenor was Luciano Pavarotti. Some of the most famous 80’s rock songs and love ballads are sung by tenors. A few examples are Steve Perry,Adam Lambert, Bruno Mars, and Freddie Mercury.

Baritones: Are the most common voice types in men. The difference between baritone and tenor are the lower richer darker tones. Some of the more Famous Baritones are Michael Buble’, Frank Sinatre, and Dean Martin. The Baritone voice also breaks much sooner than that of a tenor.Baritones can still have higher voice, but have the ability to sing much lower than tenors.

Bass:They are deepest, richest, lowest male voices. Some of the most famous Bass singers are Isaac Hayes, Barry White, and Johnny Cash

Let us create an experience you & your guests will never forget.