Premium Nightclub Entertainment

Having revolutionised the nightclub scene in Las Vegas, we’re now on a mission to reinvent nightclub entertainment in Australia! Our electrifying performances seamlessly integrate with clubs, lounges, brands and DJs.

Every element can be customised to your preferences for a truly unique experience. Our hand-picked nightclub entertainment performers are stunning and—most importantly—extremely talented. With couture costuming and high caliber Velvet Rope dancers and specialty acts, allow us to push the boundaries and create something extraordinary for your venue.

Our razor-sharp choreography, cutting-edge technology and flawless production will speak to the senses, creating a stimulating and emotionally-charged experience that will bring the music to life like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Redefining the Nightclub Experience

Stimulating live productions for an extraordinary experience.

Let us create an experience you & your guests will never forget.