The Show Must Go On – COVID-19 Entertainment Specialists

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We aren't saying it's business as usual... but we can still give you a day you wont soon forget!

Like most of our industry, we are whole heartedly focused on public safety, protecting employees and flattening the curve and will continue to do this until the world is deemed safe again!
In saying this we’ve had a massive number of enquires from you, the people, asking for a response to this pandemic to put some smiles on faces again! We are here to make sure that you are making the most of your entertainment in a safe and responsible way while in this pandemic and boy have we got some things in store for you!

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Our custom performances can include singers, dancers, and themed acts with world renown choreography, couture costuming, and cutting-edge technology. You should really get ready to expect the unexpected. Our specialty acts bring an air of mystery and will captivate you from start to finish!

Velvet Rope Entertainment’s specialty performers have trained and worked among the best cirque performers in the world, to develop and now perform their own signature acts with creativity and originality you won’t find anywhere else!
Check out our amazing multitudes of laser, lighting, pyro and dance acts to name a few! We have a lot to offer you!


You know that we are the people to come to when you’re looking for custom event entertainment, Velvet Rope Entertainment is the best place to look for unique performers, a highly diverse form of entertainment. Stage shows offer opportunities for immersing guests into exciting new worlds, we will keep you thinking with emotive theatre, or whisk you away with extraordinary escapism acts. Show us a stage and we will fill it with the most talented performers in the world spanning dance, circus, music and more!

Offering highly flexible entertainment, stage shows can be created to deliver full-length productions, after-dinner shows, short pieces to fill interludes. From extravagant costumes and opulent sets, thrilling themed circus productions and singalong extravaganzas to cutting edge multimedia dance shows and mesmerising illusions, we have an act for every occasion, event, audience and venue.

Please don’t wait to check out our ‘World’s Greatest Showman’ performance with Las Vegas performer Russel Francis playing ringmaster to a collection of the weird and wonderful world class circus troupe!

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Yes that’s right, our newest partnership with the REDTIE Band now gives us more to offer than ever before!
Take a look at our amazing team and options to suit every event! We now even have a stage show suited for a sit down audience including a world class band, live dancing acts and an interactive performance, all converging in our latest show, STEP.