Week 1: What’s new – Our Pyro Feature Show!!

This is the hottest feature show we’ve ever created!

When we say we are creating the latest and hottest new feature shows in Australia, we really mean it!!! We’re very excited to introduce you to a brand new breath-taking show that combines fire dancing, fire twirling, L.E.D and fire poi, fire breathers, fire staff spinning and a whole lot more that will make you say “WOW”!!

You can take your pick from choreographed routines to music or roving freestyle performances that will let your audiences feel the heat of this new show!!!

Let’s take a closer look at what our fire act can add to your next event!

When it comes to fire, we’ve got you covered! Check out our amazing selection of the latest in the fire performance industry:

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Fire Palms: Small torches with a flat base that should be held upright in the palm of the hand. This kind of torch comes in a range of options: Fire Fans, Fire Palms, Whip of fire, the Fire cannon and the Ball of fire

Fire Breathers: Exactly what you’d expect, these people live and breath fire! This dangerous skill is sure to please any crowd!

Fire Staff: A fire staff is constructed out of wood or metal with Kevlar wick added to one or both ends. It’s amazing what these professionals can do with it!!!

Torch: A short stick or a torch, with a wick at one end. Fire torches are turned like Indian clubs or thrown from end to end like juggling clubs. The come in many varieties including: Fire Staff, a Fire wand and a Fire sword

Fire Poi: A pair of chains of approximate length of the arm with handles attached to one end and a pack of wick material in the other. There are a number of different versions of poi available: Fire Poi, Fire ring, Nunchaku and Canes

This is the absolute cutting edge of fire performances!! We take a lot of pride in our Fire professionals and understand that it took years of dedication to developing the incredible skill of looking effortless. We match these skills with custom designed costumes for each event to make sure that when they hit the stage, they leave a unique, lasting impression!

Each one of our performers are skilled and qualified to perform with fire safely and will provide fun safe entertainment, no sweat (okay, maybe a little).

If you want something that will really surprise your guests and if you think you can handle the heat, we’d love to be apart of your next celebration!

DSC 8053 1198x800 - Week 1: What's new - Our Pyro Feature Show!!

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have everything you are looking for and more! Thanks to our creative experts, highly trained artists, and our high-end couture costuming, our entertainment is exactly what you need to deliver the ‘WOW’ at your next event.

Interested in learning the skills?

Right now we are offering courses to train you in the art of fire taming through Velvet Rope IGNITE!! This is the only program in Australian that combines all of these specialty skills into one comprehensive course. Many of our IGNITERS go straight into performing for our World-Class Events!

Fill out the form below to enquire about learning from our industry professionals TODAY!


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