Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!


Velvet Rope has always been known for putting together the most interesting feature shows, performers and canapé ideas this side of Vegas! The thing is … we’ve decided that you all deserve more! My wedding day to my beautiful wife, Ali, was the most important day of my life, so bringing a bit more magic to your celebration has been a love project of mine for sometime!! Since we’ve teamed up with The REDTIE BAND, bringing you everything that you need for your perfect day under one friendly roof has been made possible – and we could’t be happier!!

Let’s get started!

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We’ve created the perfect canapé feature to make your wedding unforgettable.

Suitable for guest arrivals, reception entries and toasting the happy couple, our Champagne greeter is as bubbly as the wine she offers! To make your event a true sensation you can hire champagne service and add some extra flair and style to your wedding celebrations.
Not enough?

What about letting us take care of all your service needs as well with our elegant food and drink servers! What ever theme, niche or dream we can customise our staff to fit your dream wedding!!


Okay, it may crack you up at family get-togethers when your funny but somewhat inappropriate Uncle spins a few yarns but your uncle might not be the best choice to MC your wedding (sorry Bob).

We make a point of trying to take the stress out of your celebrations no matter what you have in store. Why not leave the nitty gritty of your big day to the experts and let Uncle Bob have a drink and enjoy the day with the rest of the family!

Many couples don’t know that there is an option to hire a professional wedding MC but we have the best and finest that might even tell some wedding jokes you haven’t heard yet!

Keeping your wedding running on time, getting your guests into positions for your family photo, keeping the party alive throughout the night and you better believe they will know where the nearest bathroom is!!

IMG 7898 300x400 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!
Wedding 7 400x400 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!

A Wishing Well

A gorgeous and sophisticated way to receive wedding cards and gifts! Our beautiful Wishing Well Ladies will send the love right back to your guests as they welcome them into the festivities! We know that you appreciate every cent that goes into that well so why not offer a thank you for every envelope!

Our models are rich with conversation, more graceful and bubbly as the wine they hand out! They can even lend a hand directing your love one’s where to go making sure everyone is looked after on the day!

Guaranteed to make at least one of your (all of your) uncles say “well, well, well, look what we have here”

Canapé Service

Canapés and pre dinner drinks is fast becoming the best part of a wedding!

The bride and groom have said their I’do’s and now it’s time for some bubbly and socialising with friends and family. We’ve all been to at least on wedding where you are absolutely starving and waiting until dinner seems like an impossible task!

With so many couple’s now choosing canapé service as part of their wedding – why not make certain that your guest are fed happy and healthy so that everyone can get into the spirit of the day!!

Wedding 6 400x400 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!
Wedding 5 400x400 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!

White Carpet Lady

Your wedding is an extraordinary and unique occasion and a talented classical musician would be the icing on the (wedding) cake!

Adding a touch of elegance and glamour to your ceremony and Canapés, hiring a classical musician is a great decision when it comes to the overall wedding day. We’ve taken this one step further with our new living ‘White Carpet Lady’.

Your guest will enter to the sound of beautiful strings as they gather for your ceremony! You can even request modern songs and covers from any era to be played through the sophisticated lens of classical Violin!

Not only will a carpet lady be a wonderful decorative item but, if requested, she’ll also make the ambiance a lot more elegant and festive by playing calming classical music during the entire event.

Wedding 3 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!
Wedding 1 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!


Yes, with all of these extra options we still so offer a killer live band for your big day!
There are plenty of bands out there, but there is only one REDTIE. Whether you are after ‘quiet and sophisticated’ or a party that will have your guest dancing into the wee hours REDTIE is the band for you! They can tailor our set list to suit your taste perfectly, from modern pop tunes, r&b, to the classic rock songs we can’t wait to belt!

True love is something that should be celebrated and if you haven’t decided on your band yet, we would be honoured to be part of your celebration.

Wedding Redtie copy min 800x384 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!
FIRE SIGN VR 599x400 - Week 2: Our Complete Wedding Package!!


Struggling to find a way to show your family the heat of your new found love?
Let us set your perfect day ablaze with our brand new pyro performances and wedding themed pyro signs!

This is for the couple that wants to start their new lives together with a (very controlled and safe) explosion!

Let us draw your guests to the court yard for a spectacular pyro show and sign lighting, guaranteed to show your guests that let spark of love is spectacular!! What an amazing ending to your perfect night that your friends and family will remember forever!

We are in the business of giving you both a day you will never forget and it is our absolute honour to be apart of your big day.

For all of your wedding entertainment needs, we are here for you!