What is brand activation and how Velvet Rope can help!

Brand Activations Banner 1200x800 - What is brand activation and how Velvet Rope can help!

Standing out in a crowd can be difficult but we are here to help you find unique and interesting solutions to get you ahead of the pack!

Let’s be honest, the term brand activation leaves most of you with your eyes in the back of your head, but stay with me! If you dive a little bit deeper you’ll discover it’s actually just an ‘out of the box’ way of getting your brand in front of new customers!

Bringing what you offer to the streets or an open event might just be what you need to break into a new market and Velvet Rope has just what you need to stand out from the rest!

Let’s Begin!

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Brand Ambassador

Credible Brand Ambassadors have the ability to give your brand a real boost on social media, spread a positive message while influencing consumer sales. We carefully hand-select and train our Brand Ambassadors. They are highly professional, have a passion for building and growing relationships and most importantly, can get direct feedback whilst providing world-class awareness for your brand. Contact us for party entertainment hire Sydney.

  • Trade Shows and Expos
  • Experiential activations and events
  • Sports events and music festivals
  • Alcohol and product sampling
  • Flyering and street teams
  • In-store promotions
  • Character mascot

Promotional Models

Let’s face it, nothing beats a great first impression. Why not the make the face of your company sparkle with our gorgeous promotional models! Our hand picked, themed models can promote your brand through a variety of different roles including: greeting guests, handing out promotional flyers or samples, demonstrating a product or service, generating leads, interacting with potential customers and much more. Call us today so we can provide your branding activation.

  • Product Launches
  • Grid Girls
  • In-store models
  • Golf Days
  • Corporate parties
  • Experiential activations
  • Trade shows
PROMOTIONAL MODELS 300x400 - What is brand activation and how Velvet Rope can help!
HOSTS HOSTESSES 1200x800 - What is brand activation and how Velvet Rope can help!

Host and Hostesses

Making a strong first impression is everything and our Hosts and Hostesses know how to do just that. From award shows, to sporting events, our talent go above and beyond to ensure your guests and attendees are given a warm reception while providing an entertaining atmosphere. Not only does this help develop customer relationships but it establishes brand awareness on a more personal level.

  • Awards and presentation events
  • Gala dinners and luncheons
  • Fundraisers and charity events
  • Hospitality
  • Sporting events
  • Trade Show and Expos

Our Brand Activation team will be the first experience your customers will have with your brand, therefore we know it’s important to make the right kind of impact so that your brand sticks firmly in their mind for a significant period of time.

Whether you want to make people laugh, cry, feel happy or down right excited, let us create the kind of emotional connection that will let you succeed in the market place!