3 Wedding Music Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Searching for the perfect wedding entertainer can be tiring. But some couples make it an even harder task than it needs to be.

Well done on making the leap and deciding to have live entertainment on your wedding day. An even bigger leap is trying to navigate the misinformation and ‘helpful’ websites, friends, forums and so on.

To make things easier on you, here are the top three biggest wedding music and musician mistakes that we often see couples make:

  1. Not Knowing What You Want

Knowing what you want before you reach out to wedding entertainment companies is essential to making the process as simple and as efficient as it can be.

A quick tip: don’t waste time researching what the most popular wedding songs are. Or hours scrolling the tag wedding musician on the Gold Coast on social media.

Instead, think about your favourite songs. The ones that make you laugh and cry. Most importantly, the ones you want to remember forever.

With your songs at the ready, a professional entertainment company can help you figure out if the styles and genres are too far stretched for one band or singer, and if you’re better off hiring a DJ.

  1. Non-Music Directory Timelines

While with all good intentions, there are some non-music related businesses out there that try to guide couples through a timeline to help plan a wedding.

But when it comes to music, they often get it wrong. It’s best to go with an industry professional here as they understand the needs and timeline that wedding music planning requires.

  1. Relying On Google And Social Media

Are we surprised that this is on the list? When was the last time that you didn’t Google the answer to a question or issue? There are a lot of options (maybe too many), and we understand that it’s the obvious place to start for most couples when looking for wedding entertainment on the Gold Coast.

A professional entertainment company will be able to help and tell you what you really need to know without you having to scroll through mounds of information online.

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have everything you are looking for and more – our wedding musicians are exactly what you need. Contact us for wedding musician hire services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.