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Welcome to a world where imagination and cutting edge technology unite to create unforgettable experiences with our LED Roving Performers and Feature Shows. Our roving performers light up your event, illuminating their surroundings with our incredible future-forward costumes and LED props. Dazzling and dynamic, our LED Feature Shows take centre stage with an explosion of colour and innovation. With laser and LED lights, our performers explode into the darkness, captivating guests with glowing artistry and seamless choreography. Prepare to be transported into a realm where LED lights and human creativity intertwine, weaving a symphony of light and movement that leaves everyone enchanted.

nightlife drummers


Our talented LED performers combine cutting-edge technology with their extraordinary skills to deliver awe-inspiring performances like no other. Dressed in vibrant LED costumes and available as stilt walkers, hoopers, drummers, dancers, and greeting or roving, our performers create a dynamic visual display that captivates guests of all ages. Perfect for corporate events, weddings, product launches, or any celebration, our LED Performers can customise their acts to suit your theme and brand with a dazzling symphony of colours and patterns. Leave a lasting impression on your guests with this unforgettable fusion of art and technology.

Ultimate LED Laser Feature Show

Prepare to have your mind and all your sense blown with our incredible ‘Ultimate LED and Laser Show’. Featuring 11 of our finest Performers, including a 4-person Drum Line, Dancers, Specialty Performers, and our electrifying Laser Violinist, this 8 minute show combines sophisticated (and fun) choreography, state-of-the-art costuming and an energised sound track to round out our Ultimate Futuristic Offering. Perfect for a morning wake up for your conference delegates and guests or Feature Show that will be the talk of the town for years to come! Dare to stand out with this heart-thumping Show!


Get ready to experience an extraordinary spectacle that will challenge your perceptions and captivate your senses: the mesmerizing ‘LED and Laser Divas feature show’. Showcasing a cast of 6 of our most exceptional performers, this five-minute extravaganza includes the dazzling LED Butterfly, two glamorous LED Glambots, two dynamic Laser Dancers, and a remarkable Specialty Performer wielding LED hoops and poi. This performance seamlessly blends refined and entertaining choreography, cutting-edge costumes, and an invigorating soundtrack, culminating in the epitome of our futuristic entertainment.

World-class feature shows

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gold coast velvet rope entertainment led wings performer

Spectacular LED wings

cirque moon with performer

Gold Rotating Moon

Helena giant mirror ball - sitting

Giant Mirror Ball

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