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Velvet Rope Entertainment’s in-house feature shows combine world-renowned choreography, couture costuming, and cutting-edge technology. Our specialty acts will leave your audience captivated and enchanted with an air of mystery and unexpected surprises. Trained and mentored by the world’s leading teachers, our performers have finely crafted their unique and original acts which sets our standard above the bar.

Mesmerise your guests with our exceptional specialty acts, offering a diverse range of cabaret, stage, and entertainment shows tailored to perfectly suit your theme and desired ambience. Dancing, music, speciality and beyond – our mission is to ensure deliver an unforgettable experience that will far exceed your expectations. Let us bring the extraordinary to your event, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Platinum Mirror Ball Feature Show

This 7 minute World-Class Show includes dramatic soundtrack, 4 White Diamond Dancers, Contortionist Hand-Balancer and Saxophonist, and is centred around our gorgeous giant rotating Mirror Ball. Standing at an impressive 1.7 meters, our ball is one of only a handful in the world which guarantees you and your guests a completely unique experience. Everything about this Show is elegant and show-stopping, right down to the extravagant lighting effect created around the event space when lights hit the rotating ball. Mesmerising and stunning, this Show will impress your guests and leave them speechless.

Ultimate LED Laser Feature Show

Prepare to have your mind and all your sense blown with our incredible ‘Ultimate LED and Laser Show’. Featuring 11 of our finest Performers, including a 4-person Drum Line, Dancers, Specialty Performers, and our electrifying Laser Violinist, this 8 minute show combines sophisticated (and fun) choreography, state-of-the-art costuming and an energised sound track to round out our Ultimate Futuristic Offering. Perfect for a morning wake up for your conference delegates and guests or Feature Show that will be the talk of the town for years to come! Dare to stand out with this heart-thumping Show!

Aerial Spectacular
Gala Feature Show

Our incredible Aerial Spectacular Gala Feature Show has to be seen to be believed. Beginning with a beautiful Contemporary Routine, the show elevates to new levels at the arrival of our stunning Silks Aerialists whose world-class performance amazes and delights. At exactly the right moment, our rarely-seen Triple Trapeze comes into view and all will be left breathless as our dazzling Trapeze Specialist Performers take to the sky with their synchronised routine. Guests will be simply incredulous at the sight and will sometimes shed a tear at the spectacular beauty before them.

Feature Show

This stunningly stirring show will take your guests’ breath away and leave them spellbound. With a progressive soundtrack featuring distinctive remixes of well-loved songs, our luminescent Dancers take the crowd on a captivating journey to an Ultra Violet world where artistry and luminous beauty combine to deliver a uniquely magical experience. Our choreographer’s signature style perfectly captures the creative soul of our World-Class Performers’ and custom-designed costumes glow as our Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast joins the cast to dance with her fluorescent ball. This gorgeous show will be the talk of the night with guest left in awe and wanting more.

Celestial LED Moon feature Show

Our Celestial LED Moon Feature Show is ethereal and spellbinding. Our stunning and exclusive Golden Rotating Moon is ground-based and comes completely installed with state-of-the-art LEDs (colour programmable to suit any event) for a beautiful lighting effect as it turns. A beautiful contemporary dance routine introduces the Show before our stunning Aerialist appears and proceeds to amaze guests with her jaw-dropping cirque tricks, all performed while the Moon apparatus rotates. Truly mesmerising, unique and captivating, guests will adore this Show.

Golden Fire Feature Show

Light the night on fire with our gorgeously polished Fire Performers in our “Golden Fire” Feature Show. This 5 minute Feature Show begins with a hypnotic fire dance as our Fire Performers move in perfect synchronisation as they display their mastery of fire. The stage is set for our most daring act – the Fire Cyr Wheel. This performance will mesmerise your guests as our specialist Fire Artist harnesses the majesty of fire as he weaves and twists himself around this rare prop in rhythm with the heart-thumping track. Alongside the Fire Performers dancing with fire palms, fire staff, fire poi, fire dragon and more, this is a perfectly bold Feature Show for your next event.


Get ready to experience an extraordinary spectacle that will challenge your perceptions and captivate your senses: the mesmerizing ‘LED and Laser Divas feature show’. Showcasing a cast of 6 of our most exceptional performers, this five-minute extravaganza includes the dazzling LED Butterfly, two glamorous LED Glambots, two dynamic Laser Dancers, and a remarkable Specialty Performer wielding LED hoops and poi. This performance seamlessly blends refined and entertaining choreography, cutting-edge costumes, and an invigorating soundtrack, culminating in the epitome of our futuristic entertainment.


Our beautiful Enchanted Forest Feature Show was a commission from one of our VIP clients who asked us to produce a bespoke show for her themed Event at Brisbane City Hall. This 14 minute Feature Show is based around the mesmerising sounds of a live Harp, meticulously curated soundtrack, fully choreographed routine, and custom-designed costumes. Complete with professionally recorded introduction voice over, and with 8 performers including Harp, Singer, Ballerina, Lead Male Dancer and 4 Contemporary Fireflies, our Enchanted Forest Feature Show will whisk guests away to a magical place, leaving them feeling a sense of wonder and truly feeling immersed within an Enchanted Forest evening.


This simply stunning Feature Show is perfect as a Welcome Show at the beginning of the night or over Dinner. Featuring two of our most prolific contemporary dancers and set to the soulful voice of John Legend, this Show will draw guests into the deeply moving routine and leave a feeling of joy and hope in the air. High-end, polished and beautiful, this Show is the epitome of class and elegance.


Roll up, roll up! Come one, come all…..it’s the Greatest Show! Featuring our Lead Singer as the Ring Master, along with 4 x Luxe Cirque-Themed Dancers, this show is based on the cult hit film, ’The Greatest Showman’. During this 5 minute high-energy, feel good show, our Performers will bring the circus to you and your guests, with inspired choreography and vocals set against the iconic theme song from the film – sure to bring a smile to your face and make you want to get up and dance along. This piece is also available as an Ultimate Feature Show, with the upgrade of added Specialty Performers, such as aerialists and acrobats, to bring that extra cirque touch to your event. Please enquire for upgrade pricing.

Live Music & DJs

Redtie Entertainment is an in-house brand of Velvet Rope Entertainment. Enquire about bundle discounts for an epic event!
Redtie proudly represents some of the most talented and high-quality musicians, DJs, and DJ/Sax performers in the QLD industry. We understand the importance of having exceptional entertainment for your event and whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, or private party, we’ve got you covered. Our musicians and DJs are not only skilled in their craft, but also passionate about delivering unforgettable performances that leave lasting impressions.

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Welcome to our world of bespoke entertainment, where our specialist creative team designs and produces a show tailored especially for your unique event. Whether you’re planning a corporate gala, wedding reception, or private celebration, our team crafts an unforgettable experience that perfectly aligns with your vision. on. Experience the magic of a personalised production that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your event the talk of the town.