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Are you ready to experience an entertainment spectacle like no other? Prepare to be enthralled, as we ignite your events with a scintillating blend of danger, skill, and artistry. We bring you a mesmerising lineup of extraordinary performers who will set your event ablaze, leaving your guests in awe and craving for more. Our elite team of fire twirlers and breathers are more than just performers – they are fire-wielding artists who have mastered the craft of manipulating flames. Each performance is a symphony of movement and fiery grace, as our experts dance and weave through the air, mesmerising audiences of all ages. Their fiery displays will ignite the passions of your guests and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re hosting a corporate gathering, a private celebration, a wedding, or a public extravaganza, our fire twirlers and breathers are the perfect addition to elevate your event to new heights. Our captivating routines are designed to ignite emotions, spark excitement, and leave your guests wanting more. From stunning fire twirling displays to breathtaking fire breathing acts, our talented artists are sure to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

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Roving fire performers

Watch as our expert fire performers bring the majesty of fire to your event. Lighting up the night with fire palms, fire hoop, fire poi, fire staff, and mesmerising fire dancing, our roving performers will freestyle throughout your event, adding just the right mix of fun and mystery. Choose from our tropical, tribal-inspired, daring black, or elegant diamonds and pearls costumes to a elevate your event to the next level of excitement!

Fire Feature Shows

Light the night on fire with our gorgeously polished Fire Performers in our “Golden Fire” Feature Show. This 5 minute Feature Show begins with a hypnotic fire dance as our Fire Performers move in perfect synchronisation as they display their mastery of fire. The stage is set for our most daring act – the Fire Cyr Wheel. This performance will mesmerise your guests as our specialist Fire Artist harnesses the majesty of fire as he weaves and twists himself around this rare prop in rhythm with the heart-thumping track. Alongside the Fire Performers dancing with fire palms, fire staff, fire poi, fire dragon and more, this is a perfectly bold Feature Show for your next event.
Fire Feature Shows
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World-class feature shows

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Gold Rotating Moon

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Giant Mirror Ball

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