Aerial Acts

Expect the unexpected. Our Aerialists bring an air of mystery and captivate your audience at any event.Velvet Rope Entertainments aerialists have trained and worked amongst some of the best Cirque performers in the world to develop and now perform their own signature acts with creativity and originality that you won’t find anywhere else! Each act can be tailored to suit your event theme, delivering a touch of customisation that will make your event that much more special.

An aerialist is a circus artist who expresses themselves performing acrobatics suspended in the air. Due to the height and danger, aerialist are always a crowd favorite

Aerial straps create a very unique and new experience for an event.Our straps artists contort, drop, and spin through the air on an apparatus that pulls focus straight to the performer.

The strength and flexibility of these performers are unbelievable. This can be performed as a solo act or as an aerial duet featuring two performers.

Lyra (also known as Aerial Hoop) is a circular steel apparatus that can be hung or set up with a counterweight system, which allows the apparatus to be raised and lowered throughout a performance. The Lyra aerialist will hang, twist, spin in a variety of poses in a nail-biting, breathtaking routine. Lyra is a beautiful art form showcasing flexibility and grace, while the performers create a stunning display of skill high above the stage.

A Fixed Trapeze is a trapeze act without the pendular movement. This is more about the poses and generally slow artistic movements.The most traditional Trapeze acrobatics are:

 Rotate vertically around the Trapeze.
 Balance without feet or hands supported only by the torso
Upside down and blind maneuvering.

Aerial Circus acts performed in the air, on a suspended apparatus such as a trapeze, rope, cloud swing or tissue requires rigging onto a beam or truss with a minimum ceiling height of 5 meters.

The main action of an aerial artist is to perform death-defying tricks, increasing the difficulty while suspended in mid-air.A duo act is a performance with two aerialists and is much more daring,dangerous, and impressive.

In this format, an aerialist usually participates with other skilled performers on Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, or Straps.

Aerial silks (also known as aerial tissue) is one of the more challenging, yet awe-inspiring aerial acts.

Watch as our Aerial silk artists climb, twist, spin, drop and contort themselves on a fabric hanging from unbelievable heights.

The silky material wraps around the aerialist’s body while suspended several stories above the ground. Our Silk acts know just how to build the suspense as their routines increasingly become more and more difficult free-falling and catching themselves inches from the ground


At Velvet Rope Entertainment we take a lot of pride in our Aerial performers and understand that it takes years of dedication to developing the incredible skill of looking effortless while suspended upside down from breathtaking heights.

We believe our world-class performers deserve to look incredible as well, therefore we work hard to match their astonishing performance with high-end tailored costuming that is designed from  scratch.

If you want something that will really surprise your guests and leave them speechless, then make your event a great event by choosing from our selection of jaw-dropping aerial acts.

At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have everything you are looking for and more! Thanks to our creative experts, highly trained artists, and our high-end couture costuming, our entertainment is exactly what you need to deliver the ‘WOW’ at your next event.

Let us create an experience you & your guests will never forget.