Guest Greeters / Roving Acts

A sophisticated arrival

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Start your night in sophisticated style with our incredible guest greeters and roving acts. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our polished greeting options include majestic fire performers, stunning aerialists, mesmerising contortionists and themed . Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, or any celebration, our guest greeters and roving performers will add the perfect touch of excitement and flair to your special day. Get ready to be enthralled by our extraordinary entertainment options, designed to make your event truly unforgettable.

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Gala Greeting Installations

Our gala guest greeters exude elegance, captivating guests with charm and style from the moment they arrive. Whether it’s a corporate gala, wedding reception, or grand opening, our charismatic greeters make each guest feel like a VIP. From red carpet arrivals to interactive photo opportunities, our talented team ensures an unforgettable affair. Trust Velvet Rope Entertainment to infuse your event with a touch of magic and delight, leaving a lasting impression on your esteemed guests. Elevate your gala to the next level with our world-class guest greeters who will set the tone for an extraordinary night to remember.

Themed Greeters and Roving Performers

Welcome your guests with captivating guest greeters and roving performers! Imagine a stunning red carpet entrance, turning out to be a surreal dress worn by a mesmerising violinist. From sophisticated glamour to fun soirées, our immersive entertainment options cater to all preferences. Experience elegance with ‘Living Carpets,’ or opt for the Golden Champagne Dress serving up to 60 beverages. Enjoy interactive photo booths, LED Taster Trays, and a media wall with a secret twist. Make your event unforgettable with our tailor-made entertainment, perfect for any theme!

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Champagne Diamond
with canapés tray

Champagne is King, or should we say, Queen! Our Champagne Diamond is a stunning one-of-a- kind interactive experience your guests will love. Our Performer greets guests as they select their glass of Champagne from the Diamond which is a truly breath taking installation, covered in dazzling rhinestones. This is also a beautiful photo opportunity. Our Showgirl can be costumed to match your colour theme for a uniquely elegant, sophisticated and glamorous welcome.

Living Carpet

Combining sophisticated glamour with exotic fashion is our specialty and our Living Carpets offer the height of both. Guests enter on our ‘Living Carpet’ before realising that it is part of a bespoke, unique, couture gown which our stunning Performer wears. Perfect for VIP entrances, grand openings and soiree fun.

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Secret Champagne Wall

Give your guests a completely luxurious and out-of-the-box Champagne experience with our Living Champagne Wall. Perfect for guest arrivals, entrances, and soiree fun, guests will love the interaction and excitement of knocking for their Champagne before the wall comes to life to serve them. Watch as it hands out Champagne, chocolates, or even gift bags.

Gold Champagne Moon

Our beautiful LED Champagne Moon offers a beautiful Champagne experience your guests will never forget! Our Champagne Moon is a glamorous and fun installation which comes complete with a glowing golden Champagne bucket and stunning Champagne server, perched on a golden swing. Also a beautiful photo backdrop, our Champagne Moon is charming and whimsical whilst also adding loads of sophistication. We have a selection of gowns we can costume our Performer in to suit your theme.

Champagne Aerial Moon

Our Dazzling Aerial Moon creates an ambience of ethereal beauty as our aerial Performer elegantly pours Champagne for guests. Complete with her own Champagne shelf attached to the Moon, she is also able to perform aerial sets in between Champagne refill service (upon request), adding two spellbinding elements into one.

Champagne Diamond Ring

Entertain guests in a beautifully unique way with our one-of-a-kind Dazzling Diamond Ring. Customise this stunning Feature prop by adding a variety of your desired Feature Performers. Have a Contortionist in the diamond or a stunning costumed performer posing and greeting your guests in the most gorgeous way possible.

World-class feature shows

Exclusive props and performances

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Spectacular LED wings

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Gold Rotating Moon

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Giant Mirror Ball

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