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We take pride in presenting an extraordinary selection of professional performers and dancers who are among the industry’s best. Offering a plethora of options and performance styles available, including dancers, greeters, roving performers, aerialists, contortionists, fire performers, stilt walkers, skaters, magicians, and circus performers, we take great care to ensure we only put forward performers who are polished and corporate-appropriate. With each step, our performers will weave a tale of wonder, captivating audiences with their stunning movement, enchanting personas, and breathtaking skills. Whether it’s a grand event, corporate soirée, or intimate gathering, our performers bring the magic to life, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring memories. Step into a realm where artistry and spectacle blend seamlessly, and let our extraordinary artists transport you to a world of sheer marvel and entertainment.


Indulge in the allure of polished, graceful perfection as our professional dancers take the stage. With impeccable artistry and breathtaking finesse, they embody the epitome of elegance, leaving audiences captivated and spellbound. Each dance performance is a symphony of poise and passion, as they effortlessly translate emotions into an exquisite dance. Step into a world where every step is a masterpiece, and let our dancers weave an enchanting tapestry of beauty that lingers in your heart long after the curtains fall.

Show girls

Our showgirls are the epitome of elegance, grace, and allure. Our showgirls exude charisma and talent, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing presence. Whether it’s a corporate event, high-profile event, private party, or special celebration, our showgirls add that extra touch of glamour and excitement that guarantees an unforgettable experience. Elevate your event and leave your guests spellbound with their extraordinary charm and artistry.

Fire Twirlers and Breathers

Our fire performers are the epitome of jaw-dropping spectacle and unmatched artistry. Witness the scorching passion as our fire breathers command flames with grace, and be enthralled by the graceful movements of our dancers. Get ready for an unforgettable fiery spectacle with our expert Flame Duo, Havana, Tribal, Black, and Diamonds / Pearls Fire Performers. Dressed in stunning costumes, each group brings their unique charm and mystique to your event. Watch as they light up the night with fire palms, fire hoop, fire poi, fire staff, and mesmerising fire dancing. Elevate your event with their spellbinding acts that leave audiences in awe. Unleash the fire within your event and create unforgettable memories.

LED Performers

Prepare to be captivated by our talented LED artists who skillfully blend technology and artistry, creating a spellbinding spectacle that will leave your audience in awe. Our customisable LED light dance performances are perfect for any event, from corporate gatherings to private parties. Have them interact with guests on roller-skates, on stilts, or have them rove and dance through the crowd creating the perfect photo opportunity for guests. Also available as an awe inspiring feature show.


Our skilled and captivating aerialists push the boundaries of gravity, mesmerising audiences with graceful acrobatics and breathtaking stunts. With a diverse range of performances, including silks, trapeze, and lyra, our aerial artists are guaranteed to elevate any event. Also featuring our Dazzling Aerial Moon which creates an ambience of ethereal beauty as our aerial Performer elegantly pours Champagne for guests. Book now and let us add a touch of gravity-defying wonder to your special occasion! Witness the magic in the air!


Prepare to be amazed by the sublime flexibility and mind-bending feats of our contortionists. Pushing the boundaries of the human body, they showcase a mesmerising blend of strength, balance, and fluidity. Each contortionist’s performance is a magnificent display of contorted poses that defy belief, leaving audiences in awe and wonder. Witness the artistry of boneless elegance as our extraordinary contortionists twist and bend reality, creating a truly unforgettable spectacle that will challenge your perceptions of what the human body can achieve.


Welcome to the captivating world of our hand-balancers, where strength meets grace in perfect harmony. With unwavering precision and skill, they perform gravity-defying acts that leave spectators breathless. Each hand-balancer’s artistry takes centre stage as they effortlessly balance and contort their bodies, defying the laws of physics. Prepare to be entranced by their elegant movements and poised poses, as they paint a mesmerising picture of balance and control. Experience the sheer brilliance of these exceptional artists as they elevate your event to new heights with their extraordinary display of agility and finesse.

Stilt Walkers

These gorgeous and classy characters are ready to bring future vibes and a touch of sophistication to your gathering. Whether they are greeting your guests, providing amazing photo opportunities, blowing bubbles, or serving Champagne, these stilt walkers guarantee to keep your attendees entertained and create a fun-filled ambience. With LED fans, pearls, showgirl feathers, and black and gold accents, their stunning appearances are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Elevate your event to new heights with these interactive, glam, and unforgettable stilt walkers – a must-have for a truly memorable experience.


Presenting an extensive array of costumes tailored to match your event’s ambiance, our Roller Girls stand ready to gracefully navigate amidst your guests, fostering connections and engagement. Their seamless movement and interaction inject a dynamic energy, eliciting a genuine thrill. As attendees mingle, a palpable sense of anticipation builds, captivated by these exquisite personas unveiling their repertoire of captivating tricks and specialties.


Hoopers whisk their next generation original and LED hoops around their bodies, creating mesmerizing displays, as guests look on in awe. With vibrant and captivating costumes, these endearing characters establish a dynamic atmosphere, crafting a seamless blend of motion and engagement as they wander and rove through the crowd.

Circus Performers

Look who has joined the circus! Our ‘Welcome to the Circus’ Performers are available as roving characters, interacting and mingling with guests as they set the perfect ambience for your themed event. Why not also have them pour and top up guest’ Champagne glasses or creating photo opportunities? The possibilities are endless! These characters can also double as Contortionists, Hoopers, Dancers, Hand balancers or Fire Performers for an incredible show.

Roving Magician

Thrill and amaze your guests with our interactive Close-up Roving Magician! Personable, charismatic, and highly experienced, our Magician roves and mingles with guests as he performs close-up illusions and tricks that will have everyone intrigued and wondering what just happened right in front of their eyes. Hour long sets with 15-minute breaks.

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