Having revolutionised the nightclub scene in Las Vegas, we’re now on a mission to reinvent nightclub entertainment in Australia! Our electrifying performances seamlessly integrate with clubs, lounges, brands and DJs.

Every element can be customised to your preferences for a truly unique experience. Our hand-picked nightclub entertainment performers are stunning and—most importantly—extremely talented. With couture costuming and high caliber Velvet Rope dancers and specialty acts, allow us to push the boundaries and create something extraordinary for your venue.

Our razor-sharp choreography, cutting-edge technology and flawless production will speak to the senses, creating a stimulating and emotionally-charged experience that will bring the music to life like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Hire LED Performers

Brighten up your event with our exciting range of glow and LED performers to hire. These mesmerising acts will use colour and incredible visuals to enchant your guests offering them a top-class night club entertainment. An LED performer can fill a room with their stunning displays of acrobatics or a unique twist on a musical show, their vivid, dynamic performances creating a fantastic atmosphere that leaves their audience wanting more. If you are looking to amaze at your event, then an LED or glow performer is the best option to get people talking. A modern, thrilling and mesmerising form of entertainment our brilliant range of glow and LED performers are masters of their craft. With experienced and reliable LED entertainers available to hire you are sure to find the perfect performer for a truly sensational event.

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Laser dancers

Bringing together an exciting fusion of high-energy dance, skilled stunts, live music and the latest laser technology, our laser performers will add a stunning spectacle to your event and excite all the senses.  A dynamic form of entertainment that will certainly captivate audiences, our laser performers use state of the art dual laser systems with superb programming capabilities and fantastic live control. Able to create custom laser projections in a range of colours and even convert video footage into live laser animation, our acts put on shows, unlike anything that you will have ever seen before. Always ready for a good time, our laser dancers will be the life and soul of your event making everyone enjoy the party much more. If you’re looking for a wow-factor high-tech performance with a difference, laser dancers are your go-to option. 

Velvet Rope Entertainment is the top entertainment agency, with friendly, experienced account managers who guarantee you the best deal possible. At Velvet Rope Entertainment we have everything you are looking for and more! Thanks to our creative experts, highly trained artists, and our high-end couture costuming, our entertainment is exactly what you need to deliver the ‘WOW’ at your next event Contact us today if you would like to book nightlife entertainment.